A line of hanging shirts with collars.Our work clothes mean business. Staunton Steam Laundry’s shirts, pants, jeans, jackets, smocks, aprons, and coveralls are made of durable fabrics that deliver superior performance and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. High quality workmanship in seams, hems, and buttonholes mean that your uniforms work as hard as the men and women who wear them. We offer uniforms of all styles from executive dress shirts to shop coats on a rental, lease, or direct sale program and we will accurately size your employees to ensure a proper fit the first time.


Rental Program

For a weekly rental fee, we will provide uniforms for your employees. Each week we will pick up the soiled uniforms and return professionally laundered uniforms. Staunton Steam will repair and replace garments as needed due to normal wear and tear.


Lease Program

For a weekly lease fee, we will provide uniforms that your employee will be responsible for laundering. If your employees travel and are not always at your home office, this may be the program for you.


Direct Sale Program

Staunton Steam also offers a full line of uniforms for purchase including golf shirts, work uniforms, jackets, hats, coveralls, and many other items. We can even have your company logo embroidered.